Welcome To Star RFID

Star RFID is a dedicated company which manufactures RFID labels, RFID tags and RFID soft cards and tickets. Star RFID is one of the first companies in the South East Asia Region to take up the challenge of RFID labels, RFID tags and RFID paper card production. Star RFID has a wide range of standard RFID products or we can custom design a tag, card or label to suit your individual and precise requirements. When your RFID requirement calls for you to search the universe for a label or card solution, it is reassuring to know that there is a bright shining Star just waiting to help you; Star RFID In order to maximize the benefits of your RFID solution, you need the right RFID label or card, quality supplier, maximum product performance, cost effective pricing and read reliability for your RFID application.

Star RFID Has Your Answer.


Star RFID Labels are optimized for a variety of uses and materials. Whether you need a label for a small package or a large pallet, regardless of whether the surface is cardboard, plastic or glass, there is a Star RFID label to meet your needs.


Star RFID Cards are the perfect answer for a cost effective, portable RFID solution. We have a variety of option to support transportation, personal identification, membership or access control.


Only Star RFID offer technological innovations that deliver longer read ranges, faster read rates, and highly accurate reads.


Regardless of which Star RFID product you select, you can count on the Star RFID team to deliver the performance, technological innovation and experience you need to get the most out of your RFID Label requirements.



When a standard label or card does not deliver the required performance
you need, Star can custom design an RFID Label or Card to meet the unique demands of your RFID application from specialized surfaces,
Secure printing techniques and environmental conditions are incorporated in the of new and advanced technologies of the Star RFID
product range. When your RFID requirements demand you to reach out beyond the normal, then reach for a Star.